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Car Valeting in Plymouth what does it involve?


Trannings offers machine polishing and valeting in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. To give you an idea of what we do and why it would benefit you please read on.

What is Valeting

Valeting involves cleaning of a vehicle bringing it back to its original appearance. You will find that a well maintained vehicle will actually look better than when it left the show room. Valets come in a range of services from a good interior and exterior clean to a full clean, wash, polish and wax.


What are the benefits of a full Valet?

• One of the biggest benefits is to help maintain the value of your vehicle, with regular valeting your vehicle will maintain its original look, helping you achieve the maximum price when it comes to trade or sell your car.
• Regular waxing will maintain the quality of your paint work. Paint oxidises over time which reduces the quality. The less you wax the quicker it happens.
• With a quality valet you can maintain the quality of the interior fabrics and leather with protective coats ensuring they also maintain there value.


What is Polishing and how will it benefit your vehicle?

There are different types of polish that will affect the finish in different ways. You can also use either a hand or machine polish. A fine polish creates a wet looking gloss and more course polish could cloud the look of the vehicle paint work.
Trannings Offer a number of different valeting services, please contact us for more details.


Types of Polish

Different polishes will help repair surface level scratches to the paint work or provide a good as new look to the vehicle. Before getting your vehicle valeted ensure you talk to the provider to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. You need to use the least abrasive polish necessary to get the job done and this might mean using a number of different products to get the best result.


Hand Polishing

Hand polishing can be the only option available unless you are going to use a professional service. If that is the case use a high quality foam applicator to apply the polish. To buff the vehicle after polishing use a microfiber polishing cloth as this will be the least abrasive to your paint work.

Machine Polishing

Although you might want to polish your car yourself to cut costs a machine polish is really the only way to get a good as new finish. This is due to the increase in the quality of the paint finishes on modern cars. With harder more durable paint finishes on modern cars a machine wax is often the only way to get a truly perfect finish.
An electric polisher has the ability to, with enough pressure, remove any surface scratches, water spots etc. Complimented with a waxing machine that will distribute the wax evenly without making corrections to paint work.
Electric polishing machines can be hard to get the hang of but in professional hands they can make a massive difference.


For more information about Trannings Vehicle valeting in Plymouth contact us for more details.

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