Air Conditioning Repair and servicing

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Air Conditioning Repair and servicing

air conditioning servicing plymouth

Air conditioning repair in Plymouth

Trannings Automotive Specialists provide Air conditioning repair in Plymouth and the surrounding areas on all makes and models of cars, Vans and fleet vehicles. Below you will find information on how to keep your AC working for longer with some basic tips and what to do if you have a problem.


Best practise for AC in Plymouth

Manual Air Conditioning

Dependent on the type of vehicle you have there will be a number of ways you can improve the life expectancy of your air conditioning and prevent extra bills mounting up over time. If your AC is manually controlled it is advisable to use the AC as much as possible even if you don’t want to cool the car. You should also turn the system on fully cold for 10 minutes and then warm for 10 every week.

All of the above will help circulate the refrigerant which lubricates all of the pipes and prevents decay of the system and its seals. Turning on the heat for 10 minutes also helps to kill any unwanted bacteria and mould that accumulates in the ventilation trunking from unwanted moisture.


Climate Control Systems

These systems should be left on at all times as the a/c will be required to fine tune the temperature of the car and the car will decide itself what is needed, whether it be to let outside air in or engage the compressor. Again as with Manual AC it is important to lubricate the pipes to prevent moisture build up.


When should I book my vehicle in for an Air Conditioning service in Plymouth?

Depending on the car it varies what manufacturers suggest regarding the servicing of air conditioning. Best practise will be to have a full system check once a year. At trannings we offer an AC check and re gas (up to 750g) for £45 which you will find is half the price of main dealers. As part of this we will check the pipes for any leeks.

The main causes for failure in an air conditioning system is from lack of Gas which can be caused through leaks in the seals and component brake down.

If you have low refrigerant this will lead to less lubrication which will inevitably mean the seals in the pipes dry out which can lead to a failure in the compressor. If a system fails completely through lack of care you could be looking at a 4 figure repair cost.


Trannings Air Conditioning Repair Plymouth

Trannings Automotive specialists provide professional Air conditioning servicing in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. We also provide free vehicle health checks to ensure you don’t have to worry about your car while on the road. Why not contact us through our website or pop in for a chat. We can assure you will be in safe hands and we can have a look at your AC for you and advise accordingly.

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