Trannings garage in Plympton – Tips for keeping your car running smoothly

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Trannings garage in Plympton – Tips for keeping your car running smoothly

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Tips from the Number one Garage in Plympton


You will be amazed at some of the things we see at our garage in Plympton. We often come across a number of issues that could easily have been prevented through having regular maintenance, servicing and checks on a vehicle which inevitably would save our customers some money.
A prime example of this is the amount of filters we come across that hardly resemble a filter any more.

We have some of the latest technology at our disposal and although our garage in Plympton specialises in Renault, Nissan and Dasia cars we have all the technology needed to maintain, service, repair and MOT any make and type of vehicle. Below are some of the maintenance and servicing requirements every car needs. After all a visit to our Plympton garage for a service or maintenance work is a lot cheaper than a complete engine rebuild or new gear box.


The Engine

The first thing you will need to do on a regular basis is change the oil, without it your engine will obviously stop working (and not in a good way) but as well as that ensure the following are serviced to improve your engines life.
• Change the oil.
• Change the oil filter, air filter and fuel filter.
• Check the PCV valve for proper operation.
• Check the spark plugs and spark plug leads.


The Transmission

Your transmission brings the power from the engine to your wheels the make your car move. It is best practice to have a regular check up of the transmission fluid to keep your car running smoothly.


Bring your vehicle to Trannings Garage in Plympton for a free vehicle health check.


The Battery

The battery will store all of the energy needed to start your car. Providing everything is working correctly the alternator will start recharging the battery in preparation for the next time you start. The basic maintenance for your battery will include making sure it is housed correctly and dosnt move about, keeping the connections clean and if necessary check the water levels.


The Brake System

All brakes rely on friction. Your car manual will give you a schedule to keep your brakes in good condition. Following it is a good idea considering the importance of your brakes. If you cant find your manual pop your car into our Plympton Garage and we can give you a free health check and let you know.


Climate Control

You may not know it, but in many of today’s cars the heating and air conditioning systems are integrated so that some parts of your climate control system are working hard all year long. Your driving comfort improves greatly when your heater or air conditioning is working properly. We see a lot of AC issues at our Plympton garage so for more information see our article on air conditioning for more details.


The Cooling System

The cooling system keeps your engine at the optimum operating temperature by pumping coolant between the engine and the radiator. Your mechanic can help you keep your cooling system in good condition by checking the coolant levels in the reservoir tanks, checking the hoses for wear and tear and providing a flush-and-fill service, which drains dirty fluid and replaces it with clean coolant.


Drop your car into our garage in Plympton for a free vehicle health check


The Suspension System

A good way to find out if you have any issues with the suspension is to check your car tyres. If you notice an excessive amount of wear on the edge of a tyre its a good idea to get your car checked out. This is normally the sign of an alignment issue. Other symptoms could involve vibrating or pulling in the steering should also be checked out by a qualified mechanic. A good inspection should include listing for unusual noises while in motion, checking the power steering fluid and a visual inspection of the suspension system.


For a free vehicle health check drop your vehicle into our garage in Plympton and we can give you a diagnostics test to see if you have any faults.


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