Renault MOT's in Plymouth
Renault Service and MOT’s in Plymouth
9th June 2015
vehicle check in plymouth
Vehicle checks in Plymouth
20th June 2015

Simple checks before an MOT

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How to pass your MOT first time

In most areas of the country around 40% of cars and 50 % of vans fail their MOT First time round. All of these figures are taken from the Government body who regulate MOT testing in the UK (VOSA). The silly thing is that half of these failures could be avoided if the owner had performed a few simple checks before testing, so it is worth taking a little time, if you are visiting our MOT centre in Plymouth to go over these checks, as it will save you time and money.


Most Common MOT failures

The most common MOT failures we find can be prevented by checking the tyre pressure and tread condition, checking all of the light bulbs are in good working order and all the mirrors and windscreen wipers are fully functional.

During our professional MOT’s in Plymouth we use some sophisticated equipment including our one man testing bay  to check a whole range of things on your car, but 1/3rd of all failures are due to lights not working, so make sure you check every bulb is working before you bring your car to Trannings.

1 in 10 failures is due to a problem with the tyres. It is worth checking your tyres on a regular basis to ensure the tread isn’t worn away (the legal requirement is 1.6mm but don’t wait until it gets that low before changing it) or the pressure hasn’t dropped. You will also find that if the pressure in the type’s drops to much you will decrease the performance of your vehicle using more fuel and ruining your tyres.

If you have any large chips in the drivers view on the windscreen your car will fail the MOT. You need to check all of your mirrors work properly and windscreen wipers work and are not to worn. You will also need to make sure you have an adjustable rear view mirror.

Lastly just check your horn to ensure it is working properly. If you check all of these minor defaults in your car (which will probably take you 10 minutes) you could save yourself the time and money of having a retest. It might be free but you still have the petrol cost and inconvenience.

Cheaper is not always better

One other point to think about when choosing your MOT is don’t always presume cheaper is better. Some MOT centres in Plymouth charge as little as £25. You will find that the equipment used and checks completed are not as thorough as what you will get for just £10-£20 more and at Trannings Auto Centre we check a whole range of parts to ensure you know exactly how your car is performing well above the minimum specified by Government agencies.

Trannings MOT centre in Plymouth

If you want and advice or guidance on our MOT’s or need to book your car in for a Mot in Plymouth or the surrounding areas please contact us for more details

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