Vehicle checks in Plymouth

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14th June 2015
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28th June 2015

Vehicle checks in Plymouth

vehicle check in plymouth

Trannings Summer vehicle checks in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

Summer is with us once again and this can bring a number of issues for your vehicle on long distance journeys. It is important to check your vehicle regularly to ensure you don’t end up on the side of the road missing that important BBQ.

Why are vehicle checks important

The main reasons most vehicles have issues in the warm weather is down to problems with air conditioning, jammed fuel caps and overheating. Have a look next time you drive down the motorway or are stuck in a traffic jam on a hot day. You will probably see a few people stranded wishing they had checked their vehicle to ensure it didn’t overheat.

One of the easiest way to check your vehicle isn’t at risk of overheating is by checking the coolant level before any long journeys. Details of this will be in your owner’s handbook. Trannings auto centre is also happy to perform vehicle checks in Plymouth and the surrounding areas to ensure your coolant system is working properly. If you have a faulty cooling fan or a leaking cooling system you could find yourself on the side of the road also. We provide free vehicle checks to try and alleviate this issues for our clients.

A 10 minute check is better than a 4 hour delay

Get into the habit of checking your coolant and oil levels on a regular basis as well as your windscreen washer fluid levels. Other things that it is worth checking to increase your vehicles life expectancy and prevent any unwelcome break downs is your fan belt and tire pressure/tread. Click on the link for information on changing your cars fluids

Just in case you do have a break down inspect the vehicles jack to ensure it works properly and you have a locking key that fits your wheel nuts.  If you are unsure how to do this we are more than happy to advice you and give your vehicle a once over.

The last thing you want this summer is to break down on the side of the road. Over 50% of these break downs could be illuminated if people where to conduct regular checks and that percentage increases further if you have a regular service and check-up.

Choose Trannings for your summer vehicle checks in Plymouth!

At Trannings we take pride in the work we provide for our clients. We also want to ensue you are safe and your vehicle spends as little time as possible off the road. Take advantage of our free vehicle health checks or book in for an MOT or service. We use some of the most advanced mechanical diagnostics equipment you can find similar to what you will find in a main dealer to ensure you get the very best service at half the price of your dealer.

Book in for your free Vehicle check in Plymouth Today!

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