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28th June 2015
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How to change your car tyre


In the video above you will see the key points on how to change a flat tyre safely. A few things to remember before changing the wheel is to pull over into a safe place. Try to park on a flat solid ground, make sure the handbrake is on, the cars in neutral and put your hazard lights on. If the vehicle is equipped with the safety Triangle put that behind the vehicle to warn other motorists.

1. First remove the spare wheel, Jack and wheel brace from the inside of the vehicle. If the vehicle is equipped with a wheel chock use it diagonally opposite the wheel you are changing.

2. Loosen the wheel nuts before jacking. If you have a problem use your body weight to help you.
3. Find the jacking point, this will be different for all makes and models but look in your owner’s manual.

4. When jacking the vehicle make sure the Jack is nice and square. If not lower and reposition do not risk jacking the car up slightly out of place. You can also put the spare wheel under the car just in case the car falls of the jack. remember to ensure the car is a little higher to ensure the new fully inflated tyre will fit. When you have removed the deflated tyre again place the wheel under the car as before in case the jack slips.

5. Never sit with your legs under the car or put your hands at the bottom of the wheel when fitting the spare tyre. Also check and remove any dirt and grim from the wheel before fitting.

6. Line the wheel up correctly on the hub. This is extremely important but should be obvious if something isn’t quite right. Fit the wheel nuts and tighten them by hand to ensure proper alignment. It’s also important not to use to much force while the car is on the jack. When fitting the wheel nuts ensure they are the right way around with the tapered part furthest away from the wheel.

7. Lower the jack until the car is back on the ground and then tighten the wheel nuts properly. It’s best to change the wheel nuts opposite each other moving around in a star pattern instead of going around in a circle one after another. This will ensure the wheel goes on smoothly.
8. Before moving away check the spare wheel. Some have recommended speed limits to ensure your safety and get your main wheel fixed and placed back on the car as soon as possible.

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