A Customer recently had her vehicle recovered to us, with a non-start fault. After carrying out the first round of computer diagnostics, no faults were stored in the Engine management computer (ECU). After our usual secondary checks, including engine speed signal, fuel rail pressure all seemed to be ok? After the vehicle was put on the ramp we continued the fault finding, (various sensors monitored) we still did not get to the root of the problem! Only through our technical director’s vast experience with the particular model did we have any idea of the fault.
After conducting an injector leak off test there was a fault confirmed, and the number 4 injector was leaking too much fuel. Without the considerable expertise of our diagnostic team, the car would have remained a conundrum to all working on it, and could have had several new un-needed parts costing £000’s and the car would not have been repaired. The customer was made aware of the original fault with costings and was on hand to authorize the works. We offer regular communication throughout the process, this ensures the customer understands the works required and feels involved with the decision making. The Injector was fitted with new seals and the vehicle is now purring through the streets of Plymouth!
Diagnostics truly save owners money! 1-3 hours of diagnostics are well spent when you consider how much money could be wasted on randomly replacing parts that are not defect! If you have a warning light appear in your vehicle, don’t ignore! We would be happy to put your car through our diagnostic kits paces, it might save you thousands of pounds in the long run!