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25th May 2015

Vauxhall Astra 2002

We were asked to look at this red 2002 Astra as the owner was considering a re-spray. After a consultation with the Valet team we assured the customer that he would not need to spend the £1200 on a re-spray, and we set to work detailing the vehicle. With our customary paint correction techniques we managed to get the car back to its former glory.
After spending nearly 12 hours washing, claying, washing, drying, paint correcting, sealing and then waxing, the car was protected from UV rays (which caused oxidization) the car looked like it had just rolled off the forecourt for the first time!
The customer was then taken through a preventative maintenance schedule to ensure the paintwork did not oxidize in the future. As we feel that education is just as important as the work done. The whole process saved the owner over £900. A result all round I hope you agree? Please see our time-lapse video showing the process. If you want to find out more about our valeting and detailing services, please call us on 01752 344422 and ask for Mike!

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