Vehicle Servicing in Plymouth

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25th May 2015
Renault MOT's in Plymouth
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9th June 2015

Vehicle Servicing in Plymouth

car servicing in plymouth

Why Should you get your car serviced regularly?


Do you service your car only when you notice something wrong? Or do you think that its two expensive to get it serviced every year, so you don’t bother?

Your car is like a human body, the more you look after it the longer it lasts and as you will probably have many cars in your life time (presuming you look after yourself) it makes sense to ensure each vehicle you own lasts as long as possible and is in a good condition when you want to sell it.

In a nutshell don’t wait for your car to need looking at by a mechanic, take it in at least once a year to be serviced and this will save you lots of money in the long run.


Trannings Service recommendations


Just like you go to the dentist every 6 months to prevent tooth decay your car should be booked in to be checked up on by a qualified mechanic. The purpose is exactly the same prevention is better than cure. Our car servicing in Plymouth and the surrounding areas will ensure your vehicle is checked by trained expert’s which will ensure a longer engine life  and better fuel economy meaning you will actually save money by investing in your car long term. Think of all the things that effect your car on a daily basis, heat, dust and friction will put stress on the components within your vehicle meaning they slowly deteriorate. We will diagnose any problems with your vehicle, ensure it is lubricated properly, nothing is worn out and prolong its life, it’s that simple.

Don’t just wait until something goes bang!


To go back to the earlier analogy you don’t wait for your tooth to fall out before going to the dentist if it starts to hurt you get it looked at. Don’t wait for your car to literally stop working all together, if you see a warning light, smell something funny or can hear a noise that sounds unfamiliar book it in for a service to get checked out, changing a few belts or minor parts is a lot cheaper than having a new gear box or engine installed.


When should I take my car to trannings for a service?


Presuming you’re going to take your car to trannings for a service (I mean why wouldn’t you?) how often do you need to get it looked at? Every car is different and parts within your vehicle and oils etc need changing at different times. You can normally find out in your car handbook but sometimes it might be easier to have a trained professional give you a servicing plan to ensure all the separate parts of your car get the attention then need when it’s needed. Why not bring your car into Trannings for a free check-up? We can diagnose any issues you have currently and give you a service plan to ensure your car works for years to come. Contact us today and we can advise you on what you will need based on what you have done already and book you in for a health check.

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