How to Choose the Best MOT centre in Plymouth

vehicle check in plymouth
Vehicle checks in Plymouth
20th June 2015
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6th July 2015

How to Choose the Best MOT centre in Plymouth

best MOT centres plymouth

How to find the best MOT centres Plymouth has to offer

when choosing the best MOT centre Plymouth has to offer, as with any other area of the country it can be a bit hit and miss but it dosnt have to be that way. You are probably reading this because your MOT is due soon or you have had a bad experience in the past and want to chance to a more dependable garage. Have a read of the rest of this blog and it will hopefully help you choose the best MOT centres in Plymouth.


Why Choose A Local Independent Garage?


When deciding on which garage you want to build a relationship with, to complete work on your car when needed, there are many benefits to using a  local independent garage over the main dealers. You will get a much broader range of skills and more industry experience for one but the main reason is garages are often competing with many other garages in the local area. This will hopefully ensure that the quality is high and the prices are cheaper than main dealers especially with labour costs.

Most independent garages specialise in a make of car. Trannings for example are the number one alternative to main dealers in Plymouth for Renault and Nissan as we have all of the specialist diagnostics equipment for these makes of car. Obviously we still have all the experience needed for all the other makes and models but we specialise in French cars.

Other MOT centres in the Plymouth area will specialise in other makes and models and a quick Google search will find you a centre that specialises in your make and model. For example if you Google ‘Renault specialist in Plymouth’ or ‘Renault MOT’s Plymouth’ you will find us at the top of the search as the best MOT centre Plymouth has to offer you for that make and model.

It goes without saying that all independent garages in Plymouth will provide you with significant savings over main dealers so choose wisely and you wont have to change garages again.


Picking the right Garage


There are a number of things you should take into account when choosing the right garage and luckily these days most of it can be found on the internet:


  • Check out the MOT centres Social media. Most garages now will be on Google+, Facebook and twitter etc and you can often find reviews from customers on the service they provide. After all the main thing you will want is consistency.
  • Dont just go for the cheapest MOT price. Think about the long term effects of working with a garage. The cheapest prices can normally be associated with a lesser service. That dosnt mean just choose the most expensive garage, do your research and find a garage that  has competitive pricing with good customer feedback.
  • Make sure they have a reasonable labour rate also as your car might need repairs to pass the MOT.
  • Do some further off line research, find out who your neighbours use for there MOT and servicing they might be able to recommend a garage that has been reliable.
  • When you have wilted it down to a few garages give them a call to find out how helpful they are on the front desk. You want to work with a garage that has all round good customer service.


In the end its up to you to do your home work. Obviously we are an MOT centre so we are going to suggest you come to us but we would rather you came to us based on the reputation we have built up for the quality we provide.

If you wish to speak to us about anything further please feel free to contact us and we will help you in anyway possible.





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